This October, we are featuring cuisines from all over the world. Check them out below:

  1. Craving for some wagyu? The folks at  viagra dapoxetine mastercard ama research paper example antabuse length in system breathing pore essay go to site go here enter premium tabs viagra essay on ambition and success should i use a professional resume writer american essay ethnic identity in literature memory narrative new renal insuffiency edema lasix cirrhosis achat viagra cialis france format of a formulaic essay drogueria pharma express viagra go here follow link peut on acheter du cialis en espagne guide to writing an essay follow go civil disobedience essay prompts for the odyssey how to write an essay about yourself for a job application sildenafil actavis 25 mg pret homework help or harm free descriptive essays about people Saikuro offers chunky slices of that tender beef at an affordable price!img_2472
  2. Here’s an alternative treat to munch on while at work: Jeachobin offers a selection of delectable dates, almonds, and walnuts to pump up your brain power!img_2489
  3. What happens when two women raised in Spain get together? The love for Spanish sausage in a stall called Calidad. (Tip: their Pamplona is their bestseller!)img_2479
  4. “Have you tried a Peirogi?” read the sign on top of the FIRST EVER vendor of Polish food stall of the Philippines, Babci. A Pierogi is a traditional Eastern European dumpling served in a Polish home, and we are so glad that they’ve finally brought it here.img_2523
  5. Planning on staying in for the night? You can grab a bottle from the Mondo Vino wine selection to keep you company.img_2498
  6. There’s an interesting stall called Authentic Moroccan Cuisine, and they weren’t lying! Try any of their bestsellers–the honey beef glaze, ratatouille, and the fish fillet on saffron rice.img_2504
  7. Great news for vegetarians: Al Halabi serves falafel, a Syrian dish made of ground chickpeas, pickles, bell peppers, and their secret sauce. Try one today!img_2493

This September, we’re featuring all our packed goods! These eight delicious and ready-to-eat food are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

  1. Delimondo is a brand that promotes healthier, alternative products. Their products do not use preservatives, and are guaranteed to taste au naturel. Their best seller is their Ranch Style Corned Beef.IMG_0959
  2. Connie’s Kitchen is known for their gourmet bottled spreads, sauces, and ingredients. You should try their bestseller the bottled Gourmet Tuyo, which takes a modern spin to the popular Filipino tired fish.IMG_0965
  3. Joyce’s Dulong is pretty direct as what they are best known for. Their bottled dulong fish in olive oil and garlic makes a killer dip and even add on ingredient for your home dishes.IMG_0985
  4. Chili Chili Bang Bang will definitely provide that extra kick you’re looking for in a chili dish. Try any of their three flavours: The Original Recipe (standard heat), Bite the Bullet (hot), and The Big Bang (extra hot).IMG_0997
  5. Jaq’s Kitchen is another crowd favorite, known for their ready-to-eat spreads. We highly recommend their bestselling bottled Vodka Tinapa (smoked fish cooked with vodka), Adobong Tahong (clams made adobo style–with soy sauce, vinegar and garlic), and Tinapa con Maluggay (smoked fish with maluggay leaves), to be partnered over melba toast and crackers. Yum!IMG_1056
  6. The Real Girl Toy Kitchen is a newcomer in the market, but don’t let that fool you! Their tagline “Slow Food for Fast Lives” means that they slow cook all their dips and sauces, to preserve the natural flavours of their ingredients, in order to give you that instant meal satisfaction when you’re on the move. Their bestsellers are their Spinach Artichoke and their Basil Pesto spreads.IMG_1004
  7. Gourmet Farms sells a variety of gourmet vegetables at their corner. What particularly caught our eye was that they also made their own Lettuce Chips, a healthy snack variant made from their very own produce.IMG_1047
  8. Take Root is all about healthy lifestyle! Their products are all vegan-friendly and gluten-free. They sell all kinds of dried vegetable snack products, but what always runs out is their Vegan Cheese Kale Chips. Try them, and you’ll forget that they are healthy to begin with!


This June, in celebration of our country’s independence day, we are featuring Filipino heritage dishes from the Salcedo Market. Here’s a list of this month’s picks:

Antonio‘s Pork Humba. This dish is a sweetened pork roast over beans that is Ilonggo in origin.


Omee‘s sardines, beef belly, and tinapa (fish) rice are classic Tagalog dishes.

IMG_0253 IMG_0252


Elizabeth Amurao‘s special suman and tamales (rice pastries) are both from Pampanga.


Ka Narcing features ginatang hipon (shrimp in coconut milk), tulingan fish (from the tuna family), and sinaing na tulingan (steamed version) from Batangas.


IMG_0279 IMG_0285

Bikol’s Best laing is a delicious dish from Bicol that is comprised of dried taro leaves in shrimp paste and coconut milk.


Legg’s Chicken Inasal offers generous and juicy servings of grilled chicken paa (feet) and pecho (breast) from Bacolod.



Ilocandia’s Special Empanada – for this entry, we don’t even have to say what their best seller is, just try the empanada (savoury meat pastry)! This dish is Ilocano in origin.


Pamangan‘s bestselling chicken ala king is from Pampanga.


The Kitchen‘s kadyos (Ilonggo dish) and prechon (roasted pig, served in a wrap).



Ahhhhh May. The month of fiestas, mothers, and flowers! With so much festivities in the air, we want to celebrate May as well by featuring something different. This month, we are showcasing all non-food stall in our market. Here is our list for May:

1. Canico Trading is a stall that features wooden utensils and accessories for the house. It carries a variety of handcrafted materials–from wooden spoons to tiki statues to bowls to pepper shakers. All designed for an added classic touch.


2. August Flowers stall offers a selection of fine flowers. These include roses, peonies, sunflowers, orchids.



3. Bayong and Plants houses plant decorations, woven baskets, their famous Mexican hat. The Mexican hat is their bestseller, that people from all over have travelled to avail of that hat.


4. Sunrise Blooms features a variety of potted plants that is popular among home owners. All come already pre-packed in soil for all the garden lovers out there.


5. Jajan Marketing sells flowers, and plants ready for any home.


6. Green Palette features organic home and beauty products for the entire family. Their bestsellers include their massage oils and herbal shampoos. Other notable products include their dog shampoo, lotion, and variety of woven household items.


7. La Reina Plants offers the trending miniature potted plants to liven up your home or office.


This April, we are going back to our roots as we feature all Asian dishes, delights, and treats at the Salcedo Market. Here’s a line up of what’s in store for you at our market.



Ivy Sushi (Japan)


Authentic House of Curry (India)


Cheryl’s Cuisine (China)


Kimchi House (Korea)


Kashmir’s vegetable samosa (Persia)


Rita’s Kitchen set of nasi goreng with egg on top and chicken satay (Indonesia)


Yan Ching’s vegetable lumpia (China)


Hang and Jin’s pandan cakes and shrimp rolls (Vietnam)


Azuthai (Thailand)

For this month, we’re featuring all things grilled, chilled, and filled with the right amount of flavor for the summer fever. Come by our market to check out our featured selections.

  1. Standford Shaw’s Ginger Ale – A refreshing drink with a spicy kick; a perfect partner for the summer


2. Tommy’s Iced Hacienda coffee – Nothing like a cool, iced coffee to brighten up your eyes and your day


3. Mondo Vino’s selection of wines – Unwind with our selections of wine


4. Delicane’s sugarcane juice – Get energized and feel the healthy benefits of sugarcane


5. Bat’s Tilapia – Grab a bite of these stuffed tilapia fish bursting with flavor


6. Chicken Inasal – Taste the goodness of authentic chicken inasal, at an affordable price

IMG_8576 (1)

7. Ogie’s Hito selections – Craving for some street food? This is your go-to stall for your dose of isaw, barbeque, and other stick-y bites


8. Ineng’s Barbeque selections – Another favorite grilled stall of ours is Ineng’s, that sells both chicken and pork barbeque


9. Teriyaki Grill – Head on over to this stall for all things grilled, but with a twist of the traditional Japanese taste of teriyaki


10. Tuna Town selections – Pescatarian? No problem! This stall features a series of grilled fish for all pescaterians out there!


11. Juice It! – cool off with this stall’s selection of fresh fruit shakes


How do you fall in love?

Through sweet and heart-warming moments with that special someone. Here at Salcedo Market, we’ve got enough sweets to create those special moments.

Here’s a list of our featured sweet and delightful delicacies for February:

Bad Apple's Selection

The Bad Apple’s selection of caramelised apples

Chocolate Mini Cake

CINQ’s Aurora Choco Tart


Don Churro’s churros y tsokolate


Turkish Delight from Anatolia’s Cuisine

Chocolate Croissant

Uncle George’s assorted breads

The Breadery's selection

The Breadery’s selection of breads

Putong Puti

Puto from Robin’s Kakain

Buco Pie

Simply Pie’s Buco Pie

Nana Meng's Special Cashew Tsokolate

Nana Meng’s Special Cashew Tsokolate

Fresh Bread

Krizza’s House of Bread

All of these at the Salcedo Community Market.