September Goods

This September, we’re featuring all our packed goods! These eight delicious and ready-to-eat food are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

  1. Delimondo is a brand that promotes healthier, alternative products. Their products do not use preservatives, and are guaranteed to taste au naturel. Their best seller is their Ranch Style Corned Beef.IMG_0959
  2. Connie’s Kitchen is known for their gourmet bottled spreads, sauces, and ingredients. You should try their bestseller the bottled Gourmet Tuyo, which takes a modern spin to the popular Filipino tired fish.IMG_0965
  3. Joyce’s Dulong is pretty direct as what they are best known for. Their bottled dulong fish in olive oil and garlic makes a killer dip and even add on ingredient for your home dishes.IMG_0985
  4. Chili Chili Bang Bang will definitely provide that extra kick you’re looking for in a chili dish. Try any of their three flavours: The Original Recipe (standard heat), Bite the Bullet (hot), and The Big Bang (extra hot).IMG_0997
  5. Jaq’s Kitchen is another crowd favorite, known for their ready-to-eat spreads. We highly recommend their bestselling bottled Vodka Tinapa (smoked fish cooked with vodka), Adobong Tahong (clams made adobo style–with soy sauce, vinegar and garlic), and Tinapa con Maluggay (smoked fish with maluggay leaves), to be partnered over melba toast and crackers. Yum!IMG_1056
  6. The Real Girl Toy Kitchen is a newcomer in the market, but don’t let that fool you! Their tagline “Slow Food for Fast Lives” means that they slow cook all their dips and sauces, to preserve the natural flavours of their ingredients, in order to give you that instant meal satisfaction when you’re on the move. Their bestsellers are their Spinach Artichoke and their Basil Pesto spreads.IMG_1004
  7. Gourmet Farms sells a variety of gourmet vegetables at their corner. What particularly caught our eye was that they also made their own Lettuce Chips, a healthy snack variant made from their very own produce.IMG_1047
  8. Take Root is all about healthy lifestyle! Their products are all vegan-friendly and gluten-free. They sell all kinds of dried vegetable snack products, but what always runs out is their Vegan Cheese Kale Chips. Try them, and you’ll forget that they are healthy to begin with!


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