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  1. Joey says:

    The problem is exactly that, he effects a lot of people and they follow him like he's a genius!! He's just a racist, and there's a thin line between genius and insane which is why I hope what he needs is help and that he doesn't really believe these racist theories

  2. Joey says:

    It is racist and it is defamatory and he's pretty much threatening the Jewish people, Jewish people are both a race and it's also a religion sometimes seperparalty and sometimes together. He also was unapologetically using homeless people and not even giving them part of the proceeds. Then the white lives matter is evil BC it brings what started as a racist movement from racist people and he's carrying it on further and giving it some kind of voice while we were leaving it all alone and blocking these evil people. Kanye has real issues and if it's his mental issue's he needs to be baker acted just to make sure he's on his meds and sane enough to be doing Anything in my opinion, if he is then he's not just an Ass he's also a racist

  3. Joey says:

    At least these people were laid off and not fired, if your laid off then at least you get paid for a while likely without going through a long time trying to get unemployment and I'd think the people could move if they REALLY wanted to work there wherever they're going and live a less expensive life so a little less money wouldn't hurt,but even if they don't they have plenty of time to find a different job instead of them waiting until a week before they're leaving and suddenly they're all fired and then those people have to fight for unemployment while trying to get a job and anyone who's been through this,as I have , then have to prove that you were doing your job properly and didn't deserve to be fired. Luckily I had letter's from Doctor's and Nurse's backing me up. I was the most requested floating RMA at Nemours and had never been fired from ANY other job in my life . Another good thing for me is that unemployment knew Nemours tactics so I didn't problem except you only get %80 If I remember and it took three weeks after filing for unemployment and I wasn't ready and atlnllœ

  4. Jaye Ellis says:

    Even the bible isn't the bible. Even assuming the purity of the source material, it was still a set of laws, edited and compiled by a political committee. In the intervening centuries, it's been transcribed and translated so many times, it's just a giant game of Telephone at this point.

  5. Tasha22Bella says:

    Great stream Eric!!! As usual alot of thought provoking conversations.. The whole fact checker thing. To think there are faux fact checkers undermining true fact checkers, this is the type of thing that puts the truth at risk. And that's scary cos if you can't trust truth.. What can you trust..

  6. Whitney R. says:

    Though I don't think the Sandyhook survivors will ever see the full judgement paid out… if someone cannot sue someone for defamation proportionate to the defendants wealth, it can put more power to high wealth individuals. In not saying either perspective is right or wrong, but one thing to consider is that if all you can do is sue is for money lost, it could hold the uber rich power over the middle class for willful torts. If I could only sue Ye for 100k because what he did cost me my job, and can only recover 1 year and a half of salary because I was able to recover, that's nothing to him, and he could keep defaming people and its just the cost of business and nothing stops the behavior.
    Again, I can't say one way or another, but when it comes to wilful torts, it's one thing to consider.

  7. Ellen Walker says:

    nah man, you can for sure say that kanye's music sucks! it fucking sucks! he can still be a neat person, important and influential politically! strange, unusual, fascinating, but autotunes still fucking sucks bro! you don't have to make some disclaimer! just b/c the masses like it, doesn't mean it must be genius, if anything, the fact that the masses like it would prove how much it sucks. i don't think it's intellectually fair for you to pander to what the masses like! those mfers aren't gonna watch your channel anyway. you have no reason to sell out your own intellectual truth, b/c that's not very intellectual of you!

  8. Ellen Walker says:

    hi eric, i have a long comment for you today! i don't comment much, but have watched you for awhile. i agree with you about elliott smith and marilyn manson. those are easy things to agree about. i disagree with you about another thing or 2 that are more difficult things to disagree about. and, i must admit, your buddy mark is pretty cool. i may not like him or agree with him about some things, but woah, that guy is something else. the 2 of you make a great team. for awhile now, i've been meaning to find a way to let you know how i feel about y'alls work, this seems like a quiet moment you might look at my comment. so dude, if you keep going on the way you are, you might just end up learning some truth about some things. when this happens you get a choice. you can pretend to be impartial and pretend like you don't know, and like you don't have an opinion. that would make you boring, and it would make your viewers mad. or, you can speak about the truth you learned or your opinion, and that would put you in danger. i don't know what the subject might be when this happens to you. but when that time comes, please take a minute to think about it. sometimes it takes more than a minute. if you feel uncertain, you don't even have to make a video about it. or, if you did and it bothers you, you might take it down. these days, there's really no way to "save" a youtube channel. also, these days, many other, less lucrative platforms exist for "truthers", and those might be, temporarily "safer". please just be cautious as you get more popular and learn more things. this isn't so much a warning, just my wish for you b/c i like your channels. it would be so sad to see you on here lying or being wishy washy about important things, for the sake of your safety or your channels. sadly, it might be better to not mention those things. if this has already happened and i missed it then i apologize! thanks if you read all the way thru. have a nice night/day/life.

  9. Glow3 says:

    This is BULLcrap. John Stossel has spent his entire journalistic life providing us with the tools and information that we need. We NEED to stand behind him!!!! I’m a JS FAN!!!! I don’t have a Twitter account, but if you do, AND If you agree with me , go there and speak up!!! Please!!! I’ve been a fan of his for many years!!! Ever since I was a very young woman. I still am!!! Peace!! Love!!! Light!!!
    #Support John Stossel!!!! #SUPPORT#SAVE#FREE STOSSEL


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