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รีวิว peach air.

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47 thoughts on “Review: JAPAN's PEACH AIR – THE AIRLINE THAT RISKS PASSENGERS LIVES! | สรุปข้อมูลที่สมบูรณ์ที่สุดเกี่ยวกับรีวิว peach air

  1. Veronica Guyader says:

    Wow….i didn't know how important dimmed lights were….and I've been flying internationally since i was 10 mos old!

    Josh, awareness about a safety concern IS valid. No dramatics seen. 😉

  2. David Martin says:

    I don’t think I want to try flying to Japan…again. I flew to Japan while in the military (Air Force) back in 1975. I was stationed in northern Japan for 2 years. I thought then, it was sloppy in the airports. Therefore, that tells me a lot.

  3. rc70ys says:


    I hope you’re sending an anonymous email to these airlines for breaching the most basic of rules.

    I think it’s your obligation to the public to report these airlines

    Heads need to roll. And NO you’re not being over dramatic.

    Just because accidents are rare history has proven that accidents do continue to happen.

    Thanks ☺️

  4. suou says:

    i think if you need the leg space than you should take the Shinkansen. travel time will be longer but it departs and arrives in city center so the total time generally is the same.
    … unless if you want to an airplane of course.

  5. Michael Rogers says:

    I totally agree, with all you're informative information, particularly on safety,and when an Airline is not following the rules – which can be exstremely dangerous or catastrophic. In these circumstances when an Aircraft fails to dim the cabin lights in the hours of darkness, when during take off or landing, Thank you Josh, for youre expert advice.

  6. EKK says:

    Absolutely if we all knew when an accident will happen then you would be overreacting but we don't so take precaution all the time. Thats a big no no. And this seems to be a big problem with domestic and regional flights. Shame on them.

  7. Alessandro Visco says:

    I didn't knew about the eyes having trouble to adjust to the sudden outside darkness In case of emergency, as I've always thought the light dim during takeoff/landing wasn't a mandatory procedure for air carriers. That's an interesting thing I learnt today, thank you for the informative video!

  8. Lorraine Whiting says:

    After reading comments from others regarding aviation rules in different countries – it sounds like a common sense rule that SHOULD be applied worldwide. There is NOTHING more important than safety. Love your videos Josh because I LOVE flying. Thank you.

  9. Tashiro Yu says:

    Just as an information:
    On domestic Japanese flights (where not the FAA (American Federal Aviation Administration) is setting the framework but the JCAB (Japan Civil Aviation Bureau)) it is not required by law to dim the lights during take off and landing. It depends on each airline whether to dim the lights or not.
    So for example JAL (and also other JAL Group Airlines) are dimming the lights but ANA (and their group Airlines f.e. Peach) are not.

  10. Dennis Challinor says:

    Josh, I like your videos and I agree with you about safety. My father worked in aviation and you followed the procedures to the letter for two reasons: 1: in case of the "big what if", and; 2: to keep laxness from setting in and have standards fall until disaster strikes. Aircraft can be very unforgiving devices in inexperienced hands.

  11. peter mandrell says:

    I travelled on Peach airlines from Okinawa to Osaka, absolutely the worst check in experience ever, little more than a tin shed, none of the staff had any idea what they were doing. Never again.

  12. Chen老翰 says:

    Wow! I have never thought about why the pilots dim the light during landing.
    Thank you for your explanation, Mr. Cahill!
    I really enjoy watching your videos since traveling abroad has been so difficult and sometimes jeopardous ever since the COVID-19 pandemic.
    May you stay safe and sound, and keep bringing us more wonderful videos!😁

  13. Benjamin YEN says:

    Safety should always come first, I flew a lot with peach, vanilla and jet star while living in Japan, but never noticed this safety flaw before. Thanks for sharing ur travel experiences with us


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